Secondary Glazing; what is it?

Secondary glazing is a fully independent internal window, fitted on the room side of the existing primary window. This provides significant noise reduction, improved thermal performance and enhanced security.

Selectaglaze Product Range

The Selectaglaze range of secondary glazing is the result of years of research and development. Our products are carefully designed and fully tested to provide effective

noise insulation

, thermal and draught insulation and enhanced security. The comprehensive range of secondary glazing allows sympathetic treatment of almost any style of window.

Our Sectors

Selectaglaze is the acknowledged specialist and market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of secondary window systems. The Company’s policy of continuous product development has resulted in a range of units with applications ranging from significant noise reduction and thermal insulation to environmental controls and protection against bomb blast or sustained physical attack. Having designed and produced units for specific uses, Selectaglaze ensures that wherever possible, they are independently tested and certified so that their clients may rely upon the quality and assurances of the products and the Company itself. It’s an approach to taking the business seriously that extends to issues of training and Health & Safety and has been recognised through independent organisations.